The Gebyar Gathering Event was All Through the Mangga Dua Community
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The Gebyar Gathering Event was All Through the Mangga Dua Community

JAKARTA today | In strengthening the talisilaturahmi event, Mangga Dua Community held a Gebyar Gathering Event between the Mangga Dua Community. The event was held at Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta, Sunday (01/26).

The silahtuhrahmi program was attended by various communities including the Community from the Rempong Mangga Dua Community, the Ex Komplek Mangga 2 Community, the MDS Community, the Manis – manja group, and all the communities that were members of the Mangga Dua Community.

The Chairperson of the Mangga Dua Community event committee explained that the Mangga Dua Community Group had been running about four years ago since 2016. All the members were associates, friends, relatives and friends.

“The fourth anniversary event that was held was as a form of silahtuhrahmi in order to strengthen the silahtuhrahmi ties between friends across the Mangga Dua Community. So my friends can meet here because there have not been met for 20 years,” said the head of the committee.

The head of the committee also said that the annual Mangga Dua community gathering event is always held, because it is very important to miss and meet.

“In addition to holding a silahtuhrahmi event, all of us who are members of the Mangga Dua community, also care about social activities, such as the Orphanage Compensation and other social activities,” he explained.

“hopefully all colleagues, friends and relatives can meet in each of the Lintas Mangga Dua group silahtuhrahmi events.

The invitees who were present looked very enthusiastic and seemed happy to be able to meet together and nostalgic with friends, and old brothers who hadn’t seen each other for decades.

The event was even more lively with dangdut music, and all the invitations were danced, a group photo and door prize prizes provided by the Committee. (JD)

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