SWI Call Q-Net Business As Illegal Investment, Pyramid Scheme Business Must Be Lost Forever in Indonesia

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[dropcap]L[/dropcap]UMAJANG, East Java today | The Investment Alerting Task Force (SWI) of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) said 182 companies were included in the list of illegal investments that needed action.

The 182 companies are divided into 3 classifications, namely 133 Fintech peer-to-peer lending, 22 private liens and 27 entities offering investment without permission.

For investment offers without permits, SWI includes the name of PT Amoeba Internasional (Q-Net business) which is one of the illegal investment entities that must be acted upon. Responding to that, Lumajang Police Chief AKBP Muhammad Arsal Sahban admitted he was grateful that the Investment Alert Task Force had declared PT Amoeba International as an illegal investment.

“I really appreciate the FSA, the article has included PT Amoeba International as a blacklist as an illegal investment. Thus the wider community does not need to ask any more questions about the legality of PT Amoeba International, because the OJK as a highly competent party in its field has declared the company an illegal company, “Arsal said, Tuesday (8/10).

Arsal claimed to be very active in communicating with the OJK and the Investment Alert Task Force to convey facts in the field about the Q-Net business run by PT Amoeba International which is very detrimental to the community. “I told about the pattern of lies in offering its Q-Net business and the brainwashing system it runs is very dangerous. Many small communities sell rice fields, sell cows and even get into debt until now because of the ER doctrine they receive.

This doctrine stands for Debt, Pawn, Dol (sell), they persuade every new member to look for debts to friends, relatives and even to borrow a bank because they say once in a while, the money will return and will definitely be rich, they show luxury houses and cars luxury to influence new members, “said the man who completed his doctoral degree at Padjajaran University in Bandung in 2010.

Arsal also admitted that he was very grateful because his suggestions were received by the Investment Alert Task Force Team.

“This is a step for the victory of the Indonesian people. I hope that with the opening of the business guise of the pyramid scheme, in the future there will be no more similar business models. The pyramid scheme business must disappear from Indonesia, because the pyramid scheme business concept in Indonesia has been running for around 30 years, there have been too many victims. , tens of trillions have been absorbed by the white-collar criminals, ranging from Danasonic, Gold Quest, Quest Net, Q-Net and various other types, “said the UGM Masters.

To note the agencies that are members of the investment waspda task force are the Financial Services Authority (OJK) together with the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, the Attorney General, the Indonesian Police, and the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

The following are 27 list of entities offering investment without a permit which was discontinued by the Investment Alert Task Force:
1. PT Reymount Forex Trading Futures Riding a futures broker whose business license has been revoked by the Indonesian Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.
2. https: //www.ptremo untfutures Forex Trading Assisting legal futures broker PT. Phillip Futures.
3. https://pfin Investasi.com Forex Trading –
4. https: //www.interpl usforex.com Forex Trading Assisting legal futures broker PT. Royal Trust Futures.
5. http://tradingrtf.com/ Forex Trading Raising Tri Magnificent Securities.
6. https: //www.trimega hforex.co.id Forex Trading Seminar activities without permission from the Indonesian Futures Trading Supervisory Agency.
7. Octafx Explorer Forex Trading Assisting legal futures broker PT. Indo Sukses Futures.
8. https: //www.investa sionline.ltd Forex Trading Assisting legal futures broker PT. United Asia Futures
9. MX1 International Futures trading or futures trading training services without permission
10. Digital Trade Club Futures trading without permission
11. Throne Legacy Capital (TLC) Futures trading without permission
12. ECE Cooperative / ECE Cooperative Mustika Santri Investment cryptocurrency with an interest of 1% per day without permission
13. CRYPTO MANIA CLUB (www.cryptomaniaclu bs.com) Investment cryptocurrency without permission
14. COIN ME 10 Crypto Unauthorized cryptocurrency investment
15. Saco Wallet Investment cryptocurrency without permission
16. Inacoin Academy Investment cryptocurrency without permission
17. Inacoin Cash Investment cryptocurrency without permission
18. Inacoin Owner Community Investment cryptocurrency without permission
19. Inacoin Asia Investment cryptocurrency without permission
20. PT Bengkel Rohani (Umrah Travel) Umrah travel without permission
21. PT Unisis Indonesia & Unisis Global West Limited Hongkong Funding and investment without permission
22. PT Jaya Gold Sejahtera Gold investment
23. Multi Digital Points (MDP) Payment instruments with a multi-level marketing scheme without permission
24. Rich Blessings Prosperous Money game
25. PT Amoeba Internasional (Qnet business) Multilevel marketing member of PT QN Internasional Indonesia, which offers products that do not comply with procedures.
26. Spartan EDC Community Arisan online suspected fraud
27. PT Gaharu Kapita Indonesia Investment Agarwood Recapitulation. (Monti)

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