Republic of Indonesia National Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Body Reveals Arrest of 821 Kg Cases Between Interstate Drugs in Serang City

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SERANG today | Members of the Special Task Force for the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Indonesian National Police Headquarters succeeded in arresting international network drug dealers in Serang City.

A total of 821 kg of methamphetamine type drugs were secured by police in a shophouse on Jl. Takari, Tatakan District, Serang City, Banten.

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Indonesian Police Chief General Idham Azis through the Chief Republic of Indonesia National Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Agency Commissioner General of Pol. Drs. Listyo Sigit Prabowo said, “At the end of this fasting month we from the Special Task Force for the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Republic of Indonesia National Police Headquarters revealed the international drug network, namely from the Middle East, where last night Special Task Force members arrested a suspect around half past seven nights at City of Serang “, he said. Saturday, (05/23).

“As for the perpetrators that we have secured the initials of the BA brothers from Pakistan and the US brothers from Yemen,” he continued.

Listyo explained, “This disclosure was preceded by a careful investigation of almost 4 months, which began in December. Members of the task force managed to secure the ship, where task force members examined ABK and they were positive, but at that time the drugs we were looking for were not found “, he explained.

“Then we continue in January 2020, finally we succeeded in uncovering 288 kg of methamphetamine by securing three suspects, the Team continues to move and get information that related to the Middle East group or the Iranian group is getting ready to conduct more transactions so that reconnaissance and finally we find targets living in the Jakarta area “, he continued.

Listyo added that the suspect tried to disguise by mixing the methamphetamine with Kuranji acid fruit to be disguised. And they entered Banten about two weeks ago through one of the coastal areas in the Banten area.

Related to the threat of punishment, the suspect is applied article 132 Subsidiary Article 114 and Article 112 of RI Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Drugs with the threat of a maximum sentence of life or death sentence.

And Listyo invites elements of the community to jointly prevent the spread of drugs.

“To the whole community, to all religious leaders, to our Ulama colleagues, let’s jointly take precautions, watch rat walks, watch the entrances so that these drugs do not enter our area. And this needs our hard work together. to save our young generation and save our nation,” he invited.

Listyo also hopes that in the future the Special Task Force Team of the Criminal Investigation Body of the Indonesian National Police Headquarters can uncover more major cases.

“I hope that in the future our colleagues can get greater disclosures, and I also thank all members who are members of the task force, both in the central and regional task force to continue the efforts of disclosure and arrest, do not hesitate be reluctant, if necessary take decisive action because this drug is our common enemy, “he said. (Monti/Bidhumas)

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