Major General of the TNI Suharyanto S.Sos.M.M : Position Can Anytime Move But Love the Kodam Jaya Abadi

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[dropcap]J[/dropcap]AKARTA today | Released Event Welcomes the Chief of Staff of the Kodam Jaya from Major General Suharyanto S. Sos., M.M. to Brigadier General M. Saleh Mustafa held today at the Sudirman Hall Makodam Jaya, Cililitan-East Jakarta Thursday, (07/11).

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Major General of the TNI Suharyanto Sos., MM, graduated from the Military Academy 89 today was officially released as Kasdam Jaya to occupy the new position of the Military Secretary of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and in his message and impression conveyed “Moving units and changing positions is normal but the love for the perpetual Kodam Jaya unit is not can move “to sign the Major General of the TNI Suharyanto accompanied by his wife singing the best love song.

On the same occasion, Brigadier General M. Saleh Mustafa, a graduate of Akmil 91, expressed his gratitude to the Military Commander, Major General of the TNI Eko Margiyono, who had given him the opportunity to carry out his duties as Kasdam Jaya and was ready to contribute all his abilities to the advancement of the Kodam Jaya and to end his remarks accompanied by Mrs. Kasdam accompanied by Mrs. singing an amazing love song.

Closing the event off the welcoming commander of the Jaya Military Commander / Jayakarta Major General of the TNI Eko Margiyono conveyed his farewell to Major General of the TNI Suharyanto, hopefully he will be more successful in the new place and to Brigadier General Saleh and Mrs. welcome to Makodam Jaya, immediately adjust and color this Kodam Jaya with experience of assignment and capabilities, said Pangdam Jaya.

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The success of a husband is inseparable from the support and actions of his wife, so I ask that the Persit KCK PD Jaya mothers do not take actions that can harm their husband’s career even because no matter how good the performance that has been pioneered by the husband would be meaningless if the mothers did not support him, said Pangdam Jaya.

Kasdam Jaya / Jayakarta freelance activities were carried out in a simple and family atmosphere, it seemed that all the top officials of the Kodam Jaya along with the Persit PD Jaya ladies were present to welcome the new Kasdam Jaya official and take
Major General Suharyanto and his mother to a new unit as the President of the Republic of Indonesia-RI. (Monti)

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