Commander of the Armed Forces Give Direction TNI-Polri Soldiers in Morotai

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]OROTAY today |North Maluku – TNI Commander in Chief Marshal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto, S.I.P. accompanied by the National Police Chief General Pol Drs. Idham Azis, M.Sc. gave direction to 444 TNI-Polri soldiers serving in North Maluku, located at the Poltak Simandjuntak Sport Hall Lanim Wattimena, Morotai, North Maluku. Thursday (01/16/2020).

In this briefing the TNI Commander emphasized the synergy between the TNI and Polri to continue to create national security stability in 2020.

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“The TNI-Polri soldiers that I am proud of, we are currently in early 2020. There is a big task that we must carry out the same, (with) the task we carried out in 2019, namely simultaneous local elections,” said the TNI Commander.

Besides that, the TNI Commander emphasized that TNI Soldiers were loyal and practiced the Sapta clan and the Oath of Warriors while members of the National Police always upheld Tri Brata and Catur Prasetya as a form of loyalty and loyalty to the Homeland.

The TNI Commander further said that all TNI-Polri personnel must be professional in dealing with the simultaneous local elections in 2020. According to him, all personnel need to prepare well and continue to uphold TNI Neutrality.

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In addition, the TNI Commander also mentioned the agenda of the 2020 National Sports Week (PON) in Papua which requires synergy between the TNI-Polri. He also asked all personnel to be able to create security stability ahead of the activity so that it can be carried out successfully.

Meanwhile, the National Police Chief also spoke about the preparation for securing the 2020 elections. He stressed all personnel to continue to maintain neutrality in the implementation of the elections.

According to the National Police Chief, neutrality in the ranks of the TNI-Polri is the key to the security and order of the 2020 elections. He believes the North Maluku Regional Police Chief can apply this to all of his ranks. (Monti)

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