Closing of 23rd KIBI and 4th Arabic KIBI for UN TA Peacekeeping Force. 2020
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Closing of 23rd KIBI and 4th Arabic KIBI for UN TA Peacekeeping Force. 2020

JakartaToday | Head of the Center for Education and Language Training Training Agency of the Ministry of Defense Training Brigadier General TNI Yudhy Chandra Jaya, M.A. acted as Ceremony Inspector at the Closing of the 23rd Intensive English Language Course (KIBI) and the 4th Arabic Language Intensive Course (KIB) For the UN Peacekeeping Force. 2020, at 08.30 WIB in the Hall of the H. Nastaf Building Pusdiklat Badiklat Kemhan Language Jl. Jati No.1 Pondok Labu South Jakarta, Tuesday (3/24/2020).

The Head of Training and Education Center explained that the English and Arabic language skills controlled by the alumni at this time were the initial provisions to carry out their duties as UN Peacekeeping Forces personnel, because later when alumni carry out their assignments they will explore language and culture more deeply, alumni will meet vocabulary and accents that were not found and learned while studying at the Language Training Center. In addition, the alumni will also find customs that are different from Indonesia.

In carrying out the task, the alumni will interact with partners who need foreign language skills, especially the mission that is carried out is a humanitarian mission that puts forward dialogue to carry out the main tasks. The Head of Center for Education and Training hopes that the alumni will be able to become part of the solution for the local community and provide comfort for the country of assignment.

As ambassadors of the country, alumni must have integrity and a strong commitment to carry out the duties and responsibilities given by the state.

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Build the image of Indonesia as a dignified and friendly country so that it deserves trust for further UN missions. Firmly Brigadier General Yudhy Chandra Jaya, M.A. The Center for Education and Training of the Badiklat Kemhan also congratulates the successes and achievements that have been achieved at this time, and this achievement is a source of pride for alumni, and reminds them not to improve their language competency and provide positive examples for the work environment to their colleagues so that they are motivated to follow in the footsteps of all the alumni.

Before ending his remarks, related to the COVID-19 outbreak or Corona virus, the alumni of the Center for Education and Training have the text to: Maintain personal and family health by continuing to exercise, consuming nutritious food, and getting enough rest.

Limit the crowd in public places and do social distancing. ** Immediately go to the doctor or the nearest health facility if you feel symptoms of fever or other pain, he concluded (Monti)

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