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Cegah Pandemik Covid-19, Wakil Ketua Komisi II DPRD Kota Batam Turun Langsung ke Masyarakat

BATAM today | Dalam rangka mencegah mewabahnya Virus Corona (Covid-19) yang menjadi perbincangan dan meresahkan warga saat ini, Azhary David Yolanda SH., MH., selaku wakil Ketua komisi II DPRD Kota Batam turun langsung ke masyarakat dibeberapa kelurahan yang ada di Kecamatan Sekupang-Batam. Jum’at (03/04).

Dari ke-empat kelurahan yang telah dikunjunginya yakni Kelurahan Sei harapan, Tanjung Riau, Patam Lestari dan kelurahan Tanjung Pinggir telah dilakukan penyemprotan cairan Disinfektan. Sosok anggota DPRD Muda satu inipun tak sungkan-sungkan berbaur dengan masyarakat demi terciptanya lingkungan sehat dan terbebas dari Virus Corona.

Di sela-sela kegiatannya Anggota Dewan yang akrab di sapa David ini juga menghimbau kepada masyarakat agar selalu menjaga pola hidup sehat dengan cara membiasakan diri mencuci tangan dengan menggunakan sabun, minum dan mengkonsumsi makanan yang dapat meningkatkan imun tubuh.

“Dengan menjaga pola hidup sehat tentunya kita dapat terhindar dari Virus berbahaya tersebut dan tetap mengedepankan himbauan pemerintah terkait pencegahan dan memutus rantai pandemik Covid-19,” singkatnya.

Hal senada juga disampaikan Camat Sekupang Muhammad Arman S.TP agar masyarakat dapat mematuhi himbauan pemerintah terkait menghindari tempat keramaian serta tidak berkumpul dan bikin keramaian untuk sementara waktu, Supaya bisa memutus mata rantai pandemik covid 19 ini. Pinta Arman.

Antusias masyarakat dan Tim relawan dalam kegiatan kali ini tak terlepas dari semangat kerjasama dalam mencegah penyebaran Virus berbahaya tersebut dan kedepannya diharapkan dapat menjaga dan menciptakan lingkungan bersih dan sehat. tandasnya. (Iskandar)

Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 ASN PUPR Babel Virus Exercising Gateball

PANGKALPINANG today | In the midst of the outbreak of the Corona covid-19 virus, and following the recommendations of the central and regional governments, it is not the case with ASN in the Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province to do Morning Sports to maintain fitness and health and prevent the spread of the Virus Corona Covid-19. Friday (04/03).

The ASN Department of PUPR of the Babel Islands Province exercised Gateball routinely every morning to prevent Covid-19, under the intense heat of the morning sun, did not recede to maintain fitness and health while introducing Gateball sports.

Since August 2019, the sports branch (sports) Gateball moves quickly to organize themselves in the Pacific Islands. Within a matter of months the whole Indonesian Balls Association (Pergatsi) of the Babylon Islands had been formed and chaired by Noviar Ishak, Head of the Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning of the Babylon Islands.

Gateball is believed to be one way to strengthen the body’s immunity. Therefore, it must always be done even with all the limitations.

On the same occasion, the head of the Bina Marga Division with the permission of the head of the BPR PUPR office, Yopi said that sports outside the home can still be done with self-protection efforts, one of which uses a mask.

“At first glance this game is like golf. The difference, not the hole that became the target, but the goal. Gateball is a sport that uses a stick and is played by two opposing teams. Each team consists of 5 players, with 5 balls, “explained Yopi.

The first team with red balls, each ball with odd number 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9; while the second team with white balls is even number 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Each player has 1 predetermined ball each.

Gatebal is played on an open grassy field or a closed field with synthetic grass, no obstacles (rubbish, rocks, etc.), rectangular flat with a size of 15 x 20 m or 20 x 25 m (commonly used 15 x 20 m).

The red team hits the ball first then follows the white team in the order of the ball numbers. The ball is hit past 3 wickets (goal 1 to 3) and finishes the game when it hits the goal-pole.

The winner is determined by the total number of scores obtained during 30 minutes of game time.

Yopi said, it was not difficult to know Gateball. The game is considered easy and can be done by anyone.

“Now it has been developed, there are men’s teams, women’s teams, mixed, then triple, men’s doubles to single numbers. There are 11 categories. This is actually a cheap sport. There are sticks that are priced at Rp. 600 thousand, and last long. There are no modification sticks, “said Yopi. (Faisal/Monti)

Kabaharkam Called Economy The Community Must Keep Going Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak

JAKARTA today | The Head of the National Police’s Security Maintenance Agency (Kabaharkam), General Commissioner Agus Andrianto SH, MH, as the Kaopspus Aman Nusa II 2020 said that the community’s economy must continue to run, let alone the micro sector.

This was conveyed when he led the implementation of the attachment of a striker calling for prevention of the new Corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) on Polri official vehicles, located at Mako Baharkam Polri, Police Headquarters Complex, Jakarta. Thursday (04/02).

Kabaharkam Polri said that we must be disciplined and strict in implementing physical distancing and social distancing, this is for all of us.

“Let us who work, the people stay at home and go out if the conditions are urgent while still obeying the government’s recommendation to keep their distance” said Commissioner General of Police Agus Andrianto.

Furthermore, Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto said that the public must understand that not all places are available by health experts, as well as health facilities and infrastructure, for that the presence of the TNI-Polri helps not be misinterpreted, the presence of the TNI-Polri is also a representation of the presence of the state in the midst of the community, let alone a non-natural disaster situation as it is today.

“The legal umbrella in the prevention and control of the 19th plague is also very clear”. Said Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto.

The Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia has also instructed all levels of staff through information and 8 important orders, all of which are to keep the wheels of the people’s economy spinning.

The Large-Scale Social Limitation Policy (PSBB) also has procedures and mechanisms, in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 11 of 2020 concerning Determination of Community Health Emergency COVID-19, where the Ministry of Health has the right to determine based on proposals from the Regional Government, BNPB and BPBD. After the enactment of a large-scale social limitation area (PSBB) is the authority delegated by the government to the regional government, the rest is the authority of the central government.

In PP No 11 of 2020 it also clearly stipulates that there are no other terms, let alone the terms that cause unrest in the community, only 1 namely Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB).

“Only with the firmness and discipline of the community and the obedience of this epidemic can we fight, all for the good of the community”, Close Commissioner General of Police Agus Andrianto. (Monti)

Present in the Middle of PTPN IV Assistance Community Received by Simalungun Covid-19 Command Post

SIMALUNGUN today, North Sumatra | PTPN IV President Director Siwi Peni in this case represented by the Head of the Corporate Secretariat, Riza Fahlevi Naim handed over ambulance assistance, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), masks and gloves at the Covid-19 emergency response post in Simalungun Regency, Thursday (04/02).

The surrender was carried out directly by Riza Fahlevi Naim to the Head of Logistics Coordinator Topot Saragih, at the location of the emergency response post on Jl. Asahan Km 6 (former Simalungun Prosecutor’s Office) Pematang Siantar. Also present at the occasion were a number of guard posts.

Riza Fahlevi Naim stated that the current conditions, equipment such as PPE, masks and gloves were very difficult to obtain, so with this assistance, it was hoped that it could help the officers of the Covid-19 emergency response post in Simalungun District in carrying out humanitarian tasks, to safeguard safety and good health for yourself and family at home.

Emergency response post officers consisting of a joint team, are part of the frontline in overcoming the Covid-19 virus, because it deals directly with the community, said Riza Fahlevi Naim.

“PTPN IV also prepared 4 ambulance units, to be used as transportation facilities for officers and residents in Simalungun Regency, who need to go to other referral hospitals”, said Riza Fahlevi Naim.

Topot Saragih on behalf of the Government of Simalungun Regency would like to thank PTPN IV, who has contributed to the prevention of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. ** “Hopefully the assistance we receive can be more beneficial for residents in Simalungun Regency,” said Topot Saragih. (Tony)

PTPN IV Kebun Marihat Intensive Sterilization Implement the Commitment of Covid-19 Prevention Protocol

SIMALUNGUN today, North Sumatra | Real action in an effort to maximize the prevention of exposure to the Corona Virus spread (Covid-19) PTPN IV management consistently involves all levels of work units as PTPN IV carries out the implementation of the standard implementation of the Covid-19 prevention protocol operation involving all sections, midwifery, work lines of PTPN IV globaly.

Marihat Gardens Management in an effort to COPYRIGHT STERILIZATION AREA and the role of social responsibility towards the environmental coverage of the community around the plantation area in the prevention of corona virus exposure (Covid-19) by means of socialization, clean & healthy living behavior (PHBS) and spraying by the team disinfectant involving almost all ranks of assistants and staff as well as employees covering the entire central area of ​​the Marihat office, housing all employees afdeling, houses of worship and a number of community locations around the garden on Thursday (04/02) starting at 8.30 local time.

Manager Marihat Gardens Unit Erwin Juliawan Nasution SP. in his statement to this media explaining “Corona Virus Prevention Protocol Material (Covid-19) is carried out continuously both in terms of socialization and education, the application of PHBS provides handsanitizer, disinfecting spraying in all work areas is consistently carried out without exception until health counseling on consumption of nutritious food is primarily carried out on the main target to break the chain of the spread of covid-19 virus “bright manager.

This friendly tone manager also explained “This national pandemic is the biggest and most global disaster in the history of human life because it has become our responsibility with PTPN IV in terms of SOE Plantation Holding playing an active and quick response so we all hope that every citizen also with individual awareness to make a real contribution in assisting the country in accelerating the task force through prevention protocols, following government advice, avoiding crowds and physical contact (social & physical distancing) while maintaining health, adequate rest and wearing masks as early as possible if there are symptoms, immediately report yourself “he added.

Accompanied by the Karpim ranks and witnessed by Uspida Nagori Silampuyang along with Bhabinsa and Bhabinkamtibnas with an official statement by HR Assistant personnel, Indra Manejemen explained “This socialization activity has a main vision so that all employees and also the public know about the Corona virus (Covid-19) which is rapidly spreading in the spread of Human Resources nationally and globally globally on an international scale so that our care and sensitivity for prevention in the midst of the community and work environment both administrative offices and the field always begin preparations for sterilization by spraying “Decisive commitment of the efforts of the Marihat Gardens Management Corps in maintaining the effectiveness of PTPN IV Sustainable governance . (Tony)

PTPN IV Social Responsibility to Prepare Ambulance Cars and PPE in Simalungun Regency

MedanToday, North Sumatra |As a form of PTPN IV’s responsibility for public health, Thursday 2/4/2020 afternoon, PTPN IV dispatched the assistance of four ambulance units from the yard of PTPN IV’s Board of Directors Jl. Letjen Suprapto No. 2 Medan to the Task Force Task Force on Co-19 Simalungun Regency, at the Simalungun District Health Office on Jl. Asahan km 6 Pematang Siantar, Thursday 2/4/2020 afternoon.

The appointment was carried out directly by PTPN IV President Director Siwi Peni accompanied by the Head of the Corporate Secretariat Riza Fahlevi Naim and attended by the Head of Subdivision and Subdivision Staff.

“In addition to supplying four Ambulance cars in order to assist in handling the Covid-19 pandemic in Simalungun District, PTPN IV also provided other medical equipment such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), masks and gloves”, said Siwi Peni.

“It is hoped that this support can help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and to date we continue to coordinate with the Regent and the ranks of the Task Force for the Covid-19 Handling of Simalungun Regency”, said Siwi Peni.

While the Head of the PTPN IV Corporate Secretariat Riza Fahlevi Naim said, PTPN IV through 46 business units spread across 10 districts of North Sumatra Province, including 19 business units in Simalungun Regency, has also provided education and socialization to employees including the surrounding community regarding understanding of prevention this Covid-19 virus. (Tony)

FWJ Prihatin 3 Unsur tertinggi DKI Tak Perhatikan Nasib Wartawan

JAKARTA today | Virus Covid-19 yang sudah menjadi pandemi di hampir seluruh wilayah Indonesia ini, khususnya DKI Jakarta membuat segala sektor hampir terhenti (melambat), khusus di sektor ekonomi.

Sejak mewabahnya Covid-19 di Jakarta pada tanggal 2 Maret 2020, salah satu profesi yang sangat rawan akan terkena (terpapar) selain Dokter adalah profesi jurnalis atau yg disebut wartawan.

“Hal itu dikatakan oleh, Ketua Forum Wartawan Jakarta (FWJ) Mustofa Hadi karya atau yang biasa disapa Opan. Kamis, (2/4/2020) dibilangan Jakarta Selatan.

Opan mengatakan, “Sejauh ini tidak ada perhatian khusus dari 3 unsur tertinggi di Jakarta, seperti Pemprov DKI, Polda Metro Jaya (PMJ) maupun Kodam Jaya untuk menganggarkan kebutuhan teman-teman wartawan dan keluarganya, padahal semua tahu bahwa profesi inilah yang paling rentan dilapangan saat melakukan tugasnya. “Beber Opan.

Menurutnya, jika Gubernur DKI Jakarta, Kapolda Metro Jaya, dan Pangdam Jaya bisa lebih terbuka dan melihat jeritan para wartawan maupun keluarganya, tentu terdengar sangat menyayat hati. Namun itulah kekuatan wartawan yang tak mudah mengeluh, meski kondisi sulit.

Kami sebagai kontrol sosial paling terdepan melakukan edukasi dan sosialisasi kepada publik terkait bagaimana pencegahan tentang virus Covid- 19 ini, bahkan tentang pasien yang memang sudah positif terjangkit virus tersebut kamilah (wartawan) yang meliputnya. Bisa dibayangkan bagaimana resiko yang kami hadapi, “ujar Opan.

Namun ironisnya dengan resiko yang kami hadapi tidak diimbangi  perhatian dari 3 unsur jajaran tertinggi di DKI yakni, Pemprov DKI, Polda Metro Jaya dan Kodam Jaya. Menurut Opan, “sudah sepantasnya 3 unsur tersebut  harus memikirkan nasib kami juga keluarga kami, karena selama ini belum ada bentuk perhatian itu kami terima, semoga 3 unsur yang kami maksud akan segera memperhatikan kami, “ungkap Opan. (Ana J)

The Safe Nusa of task force II Seligi 2020 Riau Islands Regional Police Give Appeal to Batam City Markets

BATAM today | As many as 21 Personnel Dit Samapta Riau Islands Police Chief under AKBP Heryanto, SE came to the markets in Batam City to give the appeal for the prevention of Covid-19 and to socialize the Information of the Chief of Police. Thursday (04/02).

The Penuin Center Market Complex is the first market visited by the Samapta Ditri Riau Islands Police Task Force, using the Community Information Car the Satgas team provides an appeal to traders and market visitors to always maintain distance between each other/Physical Distance and always clean hands and continued with an appeal to implement health Discipline in daily life.

On that occasion also given the Chief of Police Declaration in the prevention of Covid-19. Mitra Raya. At the location, the team also continued to appeal to the community and distributed information from the National Police Chief to prevent Covid-19.

The traders and buyers were also directed to pack their food or drinks to take home and not consume on site. Staying at home is a safe step. Now is the time for us to play an active and decisive role in breaking the Covid-19 transmission chain. (Fiki)

Editor : Fauziah Ilyas

Polda Metro Jaya Copot Kapolsek Kembangan, IPW : Masih Ada 3 Perwira lain Bermasalah Yang Melanggar Maklumat Kapolri

JAKARTA today | Ind Police Watch (IPW) mengapresiasi langkah cepat Polda Metro Jaya dengan mencopot Kapolsek Kembangan Kompol Fahrul Sudiana karena melanggar Maklumat Kapolri, dengan menggelar resepsi pernikahan di hotel mewah di Jakarta, di tengah wabah Corona.

Langkah tegas perlu dilakukan jajaran kepolisian kepada anggotanya yang mbalelo agar Maklumat Kapolri itu punya wibawa dan tidak gampang dilecehkan, terutama oleh para polisi muda. Sehingga sangat tepat, buntut dari pesta pernikahannya itu, Kompol Fahrul dimutasi dan dicopot dari jabatannya serta diperiksa Propam.

Namun, dalam melakukan penegakan hukum di lingkungannya, elit Polri harus bersikap adil. Selain Kompol Fahrul masih ada tiga perwira lain yang “Bermasalah” berkaitan dengan wabah Corona. Yakni Ditkrimum Polda Metro Jaya yang bikin acara bagi bagi masker di Tanah Abang, Kapolda Sulut yang bikin acara sepeda di Manado, dan Kapolda Sultra yang “membela” 49 TKA Cina hingga lolos masuk ke pedalaman Sultra.

Ketiga pamen dan pati Polri ini belum kena sanksi apapun. Jangan gegara mereka pamen dan pati tidak kena hukuman, sementara seorang Kapolsek dengan gampang “ditendang” dan dicopot serta diperiksa Propam. Jika itu yang terjadi publik akan menilai bahwa Maklumat Kapolri itu beraninya cuma dengan Kapolsek dan takut dengan Kapolda.

Konsekuensi melanggar Maklumat Kapolri, seperti yang dilakukan Kapolsek Kembangan ini yang bersangkutan harus dimutasi dan ditarik untuk pemeriksaan Propam.

Kepala Kepolisian Republik Indonesia (Kapolri) Idham Azis telah mengeluarkan maklumat terkait wabah Corona. Salah satunya, larangan membuat keramaian yang melibatkan massa, termasuk di dalamnya adalah resepsi pernikahan. Maklumat Kapolri itu sudah diberlakukan sejak 19 Maret 2020. Namun masih ada saja anggota Polri yang cuek dengan Maklumat tersebut, Kapolsek Kembangan misalnya tetap bikin resepsi perkawinan, lalu Kapolda Sulut bikin acara sepeda.

“Sangat disayangkan seorang anggota Polri berusia muda tidak menghargai maklumat kapolri dan nekat melakukan resepsi pernikahan di hotel mewah dan Kapolda Sulut bikin acara sepeda. Seolah-olah maklumat kapolri itu tidak punya wibawa di mata mereka,” sebut Neta.

Namun hal ini bisa dipahami, sambungnya, karena persiapan pernikahan maupun acara sepeda itu sudah cukup lama dilakukan. Sehingga ketika Kapolri mengeluarkan maklumat, para polisi itu nekat menabraknya. “Pertanyaannya, kenapa hanya si Kapolsek yg dicopot? Selain itu yang jadi pertanyaan, seorang polisi muda berpangkat Kompol dengan jabatan Kapolsek bisa melakukan resepsi pernikahan di hotel mewah di Jakarta. Siapa yang membiayai. Jika biaya sendiri, apakah seorang Kompol bisa sekaya itu. Jika dibiayai orang tuanya atau mertuanya, siapa mereka? Ini patut menjadi pertanyaan,” pungkas ketua Presidium IPW. (rdS)

Covid-19 Plague Brambles Golkar and GM-FKPPI Cares to Provide Basic Food Aid to Ojeks Online and the Community

JAKARTA today | The outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak so that the Golkar Party and Young Generation (GM) Communication Forum for Retired Children of the TNI / Polri (GM-FKPPI) are concerned about the impact of the Corona outbreak by distributing groceries to citizens and Online Ojeks in the Cawang area, located in the Cawang area, located in the Cawang-Jaktim Village office page, Wednesday (04/01).

Mr. H. Taufik from DPRD Commission B Prov. DKI was accompanied by Mr. Felm Shahab as the Chair of Business Development and Independence of the GM-FKPPI after delivering as many as 1,000 packages of food packages symbolically to the Cawang Village Chief Didik Diarjo, said that he represented the Golkar Concern Party and together with the GM-FKPPI Peduli distributed aid in the form of 1,000 packages of basic food items to Cawang Village Chief Didik Diarjo. rice, where each bag contains 5 kg of rice, he said.

he continued the Golkar Party concerned since it was stated that the spread of the Corona or Covid-19 virus in all regions of Indonesia especially the Capital City of Jakarta, the Golkar Party had done some assistance in addition to providing food, also spraying disinfectants, especially in public places and houses of worship, he explained.

The Golkar Concern Party will also always provide assistance to people in need, he said.

On the same occasion Mr. Felm Shahab who served as Chair of Business Development and Independence in the GM-FKPPI DKI Jakarta said that with the same desire GM-FKPPI and the Golkar Party to participate in caring about the impact caused by the outbreak of the Corana virus then we joined in the activities help affected communities especially those who work online motorcycle taxis, he said.

We care for people who are looking for income by online motorcycle taxi drivers because with the outbreak of the corona, Ojek oline income will be reduced, he said.

Felm Shahab explained that the assistance of 1000 food packages distributed today was donations from PP GM-FKPPI through him as many as 600 rice packages and donations from the Chairman of the DPD DKI Golkar Party Mr. Zaki as many as 400 rice packages filled with 5 kg each, he explained.

Felm Shahab revealed that PP GM-FKPPI had previously carried out several disinfecting spraying activities namely in the TNI complex area such as the Denma Kopassus complex and several areas in DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central, East, and today the area around Cawang also had a Headquarters We believe that the Kodam Jaya that every area of ​​the military must have been spraying disinfectants and the surrounding area is sterile, he said.

The Chairperson of Business Development and Independence also conveyed the message that GM-FKPPI as sons and daughters of retired TNI / Porli are ready as the front guard to prevent the spread of the corona virus and will always be ready to be included in every activity and situation in the interests of the Indonesian nation, he stressed We all hope that this corona or covid-19 virus outbreak can be quickly resolved so that our activities and national and state life are back to normal, he concluded. (Monti)