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Indramayu Regional Police Face to Face with Papuan Students in Indramayu

INDRAMAYU today | West Java – Visiting and face-to-face activities and lunch together with Papuan students who are studying in Kab. Indramayu, in one of the restaurants on Thursday (12/09).

West Java Regional Police Head of Public Relations Chief Commissioner Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, S.I.K. Present at the event were Indramayu Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner M. Yoris M.Y Marzuki, S.I.K., accompanied by Vice Mayor of Indramayu Police Commissioner Fajar Widhya Dharma Lukman S, S.I.K., along with Indramayu Regional Police Officers in West Java

Head of Public Relations Sub Division of Indramayu Regional Police said that the activities of the sambang and friendship were carried out in representative restaurant places, so that they were memorable and increased intimacy, while eating together in order to establish communication with students and students from Papua to remain calm, comfortable, peaceful in studying at Schools and Universities in Indramayu and are expected not to be provoked by the issue of hoax news / news that is not true, or that is misleading.

The Head of West Java Regional Police Public Relations said that Papuan students and students who were studying in the Indramayu District Police jurisdiction during the conversation had never been discriminated against, even felt comfortable and safe, at ease in interacting with other residents in Indramayu Regency. (Monti)

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