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Declaration of Joint Agreement to Safeguard Peaceful Land of Papua Supports Go Adipura Jayapura Regency

PAPUA today |Declaration of a joint agreement in order to safeguard the Land of Peace Papua and mass devotion to support the Go Adipura Jayapura District program in the old Sentani market sports field in Jayapura Regency, Friday (13/09).

Also attending the Peace Declaration was Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw, SE, M.Sc, Deputy Regent of Kab. Jayapura Giri Wijayantoro, Kadis Press Papuan Silas Papare Jayapura Jayapura Colonel ADM Bambang Pujiono, S.IP, Jayapura Regional Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Victor Dean Mackbon, SH., SIK., MH., M.Sc., Dandim 1701 / Jayapura Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Simatupang, Assistant I for the Field Division General Administration of Regional Secretariat Kab. Jayapura Abdul Rahman Basri, S. Sos, M.KP, Head of the District Education Office. Jayapura Ted Mokay, S. Sos, M.Sc., Head of the Dukcapil District Office.

Jayapura Herald Berhittu., Head of the Environmental Agency, Kab. Jayapura Chris Tokoro, Danyon Assignment of West Sumatra Police Commissioner Subagio, Danramil Sentani Mayor Inf. Jhon F. Dahar, Head of Sumda Jayapura Regional Police AKP Mansyur, Kasat Binmas Jayapura Regional Police AKP Yudo Winarno, Chair of FKUB Kab. Jayapura Rev. Hosea Taudufu, S.Th Chairman of HKMJ Kab. Jayapura H. Komari, Religious Figure Jayapura Elder Martinus Done, Community Leader Kab. Jayapura H. Karim, Female Figure Kab. Jayapura Veronica Felle Traditional Figure / Ondoafi Sosiri Boas Enock, Chairperson of Lapago Regency Jayapura Nius Jikwa, Secretary of KNPI Regency.

Jayapura H. Bambang Zulhadi, Jayapura Regional Police Personnel, 1 West Sumatra Police Mobile Brigade BKO Platoon, 1 751 / Raider Battalion Squad., 1 ASN Platoon District Government Jayapura. Singing Indonesia Raya as the Opening Ceremony for the Declaration of Peace was followed by the opening of the Prayer led by Elder Religious Leader Marthinus Done.

Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw, SE., M.Sc gave his speech, thanks to all Forkopimda, religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders, women leaders, TNI-Polri personnel, ASN who were present.

“Mutual agreement for this regency to remain safe and peaceful, where our territory is a zone of integrity and the statement is that all elements are there and whoever is a citizen who lives or is in Jayapura, so we must commit to maintaining security in the Jayapura regency”

Acknowledgments to the Jayapura Police Chief along with the Papua Police Chief who inspired today’s Declaration activities, said the Regent. In addition to other security programs, one of which is the cleanliness of the city, how our city can be clean, where we can be fun and attentive, In this activity there is no limit to whoever he can create a clean city so we are ready to welcome PON XX in 2020 Papua continued the Regent.

Even though we are not a PON committee, but what we have made all this influences and supports security and cleanliness and we have coordinated the RT and RW equipment to conduct a cleanliness and environmental safety competition, concluded the Regent.

Danramil Sentani Major Jhon F. Dahar, SH who represented Dandim 1701 gave a speech giving thanks to God for his inclusion so that this declaration could run smoothly, I represent Mr. Dandim because he is still accompanying the Commander in Chief in the Sentani Airport, said Danramil.

The Sentani Koramil actually supported this activity from the start by occupying their respective positions from morning to carry out cleaning activities, thanks also to the Jayapura Regional Police Chief who helped coordinate our clean-up in Jayapura district, Danramil continued. Let’s keep together comfort and security in Jayapura district, where the only district in Papua Province that is safe is Jayapura district, because of our shared commitment to safeguard this district, not only the TNI / Polri but the Government and all elements of society, stressed Danramil.

I hope all of us if there are things done by the TNI / Polri and the Government, let us support in order to achieve these two major activities, namely GO ADIPURA and Successful PON 2020, we support these two activities regardless of which ethnicity and from which religion but we are from the same nation, namely the Indonesian nation, closed Danramil.

Jayapura AKBP Police Chief Victor Dean Mackbon, SH., SIK., MH., M.Sc. gave his remarks thanking you for attending this peaceful declaration activity this morning, just to say that in the midst we have joined Brimob members as many as 1050 personnel from 4 (four) Polda namely West Sumatra, South Sumatra, Riau and Riau Islands which aim not to frighten or heat up the situation but to protect our Regency so that the security and order situation can remain conducive.

“It is worthy of praise and gratitude for God’s almighty blessing, which this morning we can carry out peaceful declaration activities and also carry out community service in the context of Go Adipura and the success of PON 2020 in our district,” said the Chief of Police.

This activity is a series of processes to maintain peace in the land of Papua, therefore we must never be bored to spread peace in the midst of the trials that we are facing together and we should be able to show on this earth tambel kambai that we can keep together this security by showing the basic thing is the Integrity Zone of religious tolerance, continued the police chief.

We want to convey to all ladies and gentlemen that related to the use of social media, we do not need to be provoked and provoked from existing issues.

Of course we are present in this regency to protect, therefore, ladies and gentlemen can coordinate with the relevant authorities regarding the situation of our district, closed the police chief.

After the Jayapura Police Chief’s statement, the reading of the declaration of a joint agreement in the framework of Papua was a peaceful land led by Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw, SE., M.Sc and followed by Elder Religious Leader Marthinus Done. Elder Marthinus Done, Community Leader H. Karim, Female Figure Veronica Felle, Chair of FKUB Kab. Jayapura Rev. Hosea Taudufu, S.Th. The signing of the agreement text was signed by Forkopimda, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, Customary Leaders, Women Leaders, Circle of Friends and participants of the declaration.

The contents of the joint agreement text are

The Jayapura Regent was accompanied by the Jayapura Police Chief, Representing 1701 Jayapura Dandim Danramil Sentani surrendered cleanliness tools to the Jayapura Regency KNPI.

Head of FKUB Kab. Jayapura Rev. Hosea Taudufu, S.Th. lead Closing prayer, which is followed by devotional work or cleaning in designated locations, the situation is safe and conducive. (Monti)

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